About us:

The Cornish Fudge Company was created out of a desire to bring back the beloved taste of true creamy fudge.

We pride ourselves on making Premium Traditional Fudge, it is made the way fudge should be, slowly cooked with a consistent temperature to ensure no burning takes place so that the whole batch & every mouthful is smooth and creamy. We love to source local ingredients for our special flavours while holding to the creamy taste of our scrummy Cornish fudge. We also design and print our own labels for all our fudge products including the engraving of our own pine boxes. To be honest there isn't much we don't do for ourselves here at the Cornish Fudge Company.  Oh and yes we do live and operate out of Cornwall in an area of outstanding natural beauty, near the beautiful Boscastle village.  We are a family run business, offering a warm and friendly service.